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We manufacture and sell irrigation products and specialise mainly in agricultural irrigation, with a small focus on turf irrigation.  We have been in business for more than 40 years and our product range includes our own Gulf Micro Sprinkler, Valve and Automation ranges, as well as agency ranges such as Amiad, Metzerplas, K-Rain, Farm, Senninger, ITC, Rivilus whom we have distribution rights with.


On our product page you will find our catalogue as well as a layout of our products, you are welcome to download the catalogue.


Our website is purely informative and educational, should you wish to purchase from us, please contact our branches directly, or our agents (on our agents page) or pop us an email at sales@agriplas.co.za


Agriplas is a 100% subsidiary of Kaap Agri Limited.  The head office and factory is based in Cape Town with distribution centres in Johannesburg and Nelspruit.  An experienced team of Technical Advisors is based around the country to assist customers.  The exports division, which is based at the head office in Cape Town, deals extensively into Africa, South America and Europe.





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 Gulf Sprinkler



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If you would like to find out more about Agriplas, please contact us!